D.J. Doug

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Doug's Bio

D.J. Doug born on July 14th 1948 grew up  in the heart of Chicago. Attended Lane Technical High School and  graduated in 1966, While attending Lane Doug Co-Founded a band Called "The Flares".  The "Flare's" became a very popular local band and was still a working band in and around the Chicago area until just a couple of years ago

Doug has had a colorful past. 
He has won acclaim as a nationally known Metal Sculptor, both  touring the U.S. and working with major corporations such as  J.C. Penney and 
Walt Disney Productions.
Doug has also worked both selling and  teaching  real estate for Century-21 in the Bay area, as a  Stockbroker for Stuart James Co., and worked  for 3 years as the  Marketing Coordinator For the City of St. Petersburg at the Coliseum.
Doug currently is President of D.J. Doug's D.J. & Karaoke Service, performing and getting paid to do what he used to get in trouble for .....

This is Funny stuff!

Pretty good for a white Boy

You wanna sing next?   Ha Ha

Write that on a $20 bill....we'll talk!

1969 Yikes